"Do we remember memories or do we remember photographs?"

Capturing light and luminous weddings in England and beyond. Since 2010 Zosia has been working with an international clientele, working closely with each couple to capture their essence with the back drop of some of the finest wedding venues and professionals.



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Starting at $1000


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Luminous Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in London, capturing weddings in England and Worldwide.



Fascinated by the rich embroidery of life's celebrations and traditions that are weddings, I have been inspired to capture these moments both in England and around the world for the past decade.


Our wedding experience would not have been the same without our wonderfully talented, humble and kind photographer, Zosia Zacharia. The time Zosia takes to connect with her clients is priceless. I felt that she knew who my husband and I were from the start with our engagement photo shoot.

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