YOUR Wedding

Telling your love story, honestly and exquisitely

7 years of experience as a fine art wedding and portrait photographer have blessed me with a front-row view of countless beautiful unions. I’ve seen time and again that love is a truly universal experience, and yet each couple’s story remains a completely unique expression of who they are, both individually and together. Like an artist with a brush, it is those truly unique expressions of love that I am committed to painting in exquisite detail with my camera.

A relationship built on trust and understanding

When you’ve been dreaming and planning for so long, choosing a photographer demands a high level of trust. The service I offer is both deeply personal and highly creative, a process that emerged organically over time through a deeper discovery of my own values, skills and passions. By working to carefully understand your vision prior to the day, the process becomes a dynamic collaboration between us, rather than simply a transaction of images. Together we bring to life the vision of who you are and how you want this occasion to forever be remembered.

I have found that this way of working also adds an invaluable ease to the photographic process on the day. As with any new experience - the sooner you feel safe and comfortable, the more things can flow, and your final images become a truer and more honest reflection of everything that matters most to you.

Luxury From beginning to end

I draw on my many years of experience in luxury fashion design and product development to adopt the role of an accomplished creative director in my work. I’m drawn to handcrafted elements and the subtle yet meaningful details - an approach that is woven through my process right down to the sourcing of the finest materials for my albums.

As for my shooting style, I try to convey the beauty I see everywhere by truly taking time to carefully consider light, angles, compositions and colour balance. This is helped by shooting with film, a medium that helps me live in the moment as I consider each frame. I love the artisan effect it brings and the way it flatters skin tones, makes colours pop and creates soft pastel tones. The result is a real sense of timeless elegance - it produces luminous, classic images that never date.

A little about you

With undeniable style and a keen eye for beauty, it’s likely you hold some clear ideas on what you want, but you’re also eager to receive creative input from a seasoned professional on the best way to bring those ideas to life.

I love getting to know my clients - if you’re ready to chat about your ideas and dreams, you’ll find my availability below. I really look forward to hearing from you.